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Solaris has its roots in a vision from Aurora that first began in 2010, when Aurora felt, after 20 years of building and racing solar cars, that the time was right to showcase a practical and fun solar assisted electric car to both the automotive industry and the general public. It was envisioned that the ideal car would have an approachable and futuristic, yet practical, 4 wheeled design, room for at least one passenger as well as the driver, and a top speed of approximately 150km/hr


(To download print resolution files, click on the thumbnails and use the “Full size” link on top of the large image.)

Here are the preliminary renders indicating some of the recent changes to the Solaris concept, sent to Aurora management for pre-unveiling approval.


Final Clay Model

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Final Poster

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Final Renders

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Week 15 – 3D Parts

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Over 25 rapid prototyped parts, LEDs and small intricate details decorate the 15% model