About Aurora

The Aurora Solar Vehicle Association Inc is a non-profit organization with dedicated volunteers who endeavor to achieve and demonstrate extreme efficiency in the transport sector. Although Aurora was started in 1980 by building high fuel efficiency petrol powered vehicles it currently focuses on high performance solar power vehicles. Between 1983 and 1985 Aurora held the world record for fuel economy at 1808 km per litre. Since 1987, when Hans Tholstrup devised the first trans-Australian World Solar Challenge, Aurora has been a contestant contender in every World Solar Challenge and holds an impressive record of 1 win, 4 seconds, 1 third, 1 fifth and 1 sixth.

Aurora’s direction is to introduce solar cars to a wider audience and eventually embed the corresponding technologies in a wider range of vehicles that are also available to the public. They also offer their vast experience and expertise to their fans and general public as often as possible through hosting competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations, school visits, and discussion forums. Although Aurora receives sponsorship from companies such as CSIRO, Mazda and Sumitomo (amongst many others), at various points in its history, Aurora has also been assisted by some of Australia’s leading universities such as UNSW, University of Technology Sydney, University of Melbourne, RMIT and Monash University.

Visit the official Aurora website here: http://new.aurorasolarcar.com/.