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Posted: 21/07/2010 in Uncategorized

Project Scenario

It is the year 2050. Unfortunately our earth has been exposed to an unparalleled level of solar radiation due to a catastrophic solar storm. 98% of the population has perished but I survived by going underground. Several months later upon returning to the surface of our plant earth, I find myself amongst only a handful of other survivors. The gang of survivors now faces many tough challenges…

The environment has changed drastically and very little remains of the infrastructures that once stood as a testament to our civilization’s might and power. I travel with a close friend of mine in a modified solar-powered car that was used for racing back in the day. We are all constantly scouting for vital resources and a suitable piece of land for establishing a colony on earth with the grim hope of somehow repopulating this arid land. Maybe someday we can reestablish earth’s glorious past but for now we travel day and night to find food and shelter. It’s a brutal battle for survival against the natural elements!


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